Height : 18.50 inch
Diameter : 11.81 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 10 arm candelabra is another jewel in the crown of the Neora Collection. Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths have found a way to give the soft metal the appearance of stone, and this silver candelabra is the stylish and elegant result.

Known for its pure silver art composed of straight lines and sharp edges, the Neora Collection can be seen as a more modern line of Judaica. But the decorated Neora pieces are something to treasure, with elaborate carvings embellishing the simple Neora patterns. This sterling silver candelabra celebrates traditional artistry and values.

The Neora decorated 10 arm silver candelabra is a stunning example of masterful silver work and style. The square cup holders narrow delicately in the middle, accentuated by the delicate carvings that adorn each one. The arms curve around plainly, emphasizing the simplicity and clean lines of those arms.

This silver candelabra boasts a sturdy, square stem and base, each adorned with graceful embellishments. Four feet elegantly balance the entire candelabra for maximum effect.

  • Custom made for you and your family
  • 10 candle candelabra designed to hold your choice of candle
  • Sturdy base to ensure no mishaps during Shabbat

Meld your modern and traditional sensibilities with this 10 arm candelabra, and lift your Shabbat experience to new heights.

The Neora Collection is a range of pure silver art which exudes stability, with straight lines and sharp edges. Expert silversmiths give the soft metal the appearance of “carved” stone.  Every item in the collection features a straight, sturdy pillar, supported in four directions, like the four corners of the Heavens.

The collection combines classic and modern design to produce silver art which is stylish and elegant and which symbolizes the strong families which build up the people of Israel.