Height : 18.90 inch
Width : 12.01 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The pieces of our Neora collection at Hazorfim are all striking and impressive, and this 6 candle candelabra is no different than its peers. Using straight lines and sharp edges, our talented silversmiths give each of these pieces a look of being carved from stone; a truly magnificent look. The items in this collection are modern and fashionable, all the while maintaining a look of classic beauty, making the Neora collection a unique line of art, perfect for the sophisticated consumer.

Supported by a square base standing on four elegantly carved legs, this silver table candelabra then narrows into a square stem with a delicate silver leaf resting on each of its four corners. Tall and proud, the stem rises, widening minimally at the top, before arching out to hold its square cups, which curve in at the middle. To complete this spectacular look, each part of this ornate candelabra features fine engravings of flowers, leaves, and vines at its center.


  • Highly polished silver candelabra, with superior design
  • Supported by a firm base, for worry-free use
  • Free worldwide shipping provided, for added convenience
  • Lifetime warranty ensures its beauty lasts forever


At a height of 48 cm, and with a width of 30.5 cm, this candelabra will make a beautiful centerpiece. The Shabbat flames will sparkle off the polished silver, and add a special glow to your home. Buy this 6 candle candelabra for your Shabbat table, for a look of splendor you could have only imagined before.

The Neora Collection is a range of pure silver art which exudes stability, with straight lines and sharp edges. Expert silversmiths give the soft metal the appearance of “carved” stone.  Every item in the collection features a straight, sturdy pillar, supported in four directions, like the four corners of the Heavens.

The collection combines classic and modern design to produce silver art which is stylish and elegant and which symbolizes the strong families which build up the people of Israel.