Height : 22.64 inch
Width : 15.16 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Sparkling flames glowing off silver, a room illuminated by the candles. Pure, shining silver adorning a beautifully set table. A breathtaking Shabbos atmosphere brought by this elegant 10 branch candelabra.
This 10 arm silver candelabra is supported by a square base which stands on four delicately engraved legs. Narrowing into a sturdy stem, it slowly extends upward, branching out to hold ten square cups. The candelabra’s sophisticated look is completed by an intricate pattern etched into the center of its base, stem, and each of its cups.

As part of our Neora collection, this handcrafted silver candelabra centerpiece boasts many unique features. The expert silversmiths who created this collection have incorporated smooth lines and sharp edges to give these pieces the appearance of having been carved from stone. With an understated and current design, these judaica silver pieces have an elegant, classy appearance, and add the perfect, refined touch to any Shabbos or Yom Tov table.

  • 9 branch sterling silver candelabra, handcrafted especially for you
  • With a height of 57.5 cm, and a width of 38.5 cm, this candelabra will be the focus of your table
  • Lifetime warranty to ensure that its beauty never fades
  • Free worldwide shipping

When you look at this piece, you see the perfect picture of Shabbos; a pure, shining picture which perfectly fits the image of Shabbos you desire for yourself. Purchase this 10 branch candelabra, and live your dream each and every week.

Bagatel is a type of luxury diamond that is incredibly difficult to polish. This diamond inspired Hazorfim’s artists when they created the Bagatel Collection, resulting in silver artworks that share a sparkling, clean and polished appearance.

To maintain the brilliance and finish of a diamond when working with silver, Hazorfim’s artists had to overcome the soft nature of the metal, creating pieces with sharp and brilliant sides. Each piece in the Bagatel Collection is a complex arrangement of many parts, requiring time, knowledge and expertise- just like working with quality diamonds.