Height : 29.53 inch
Width : 19.09 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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As part of the beautiful Neora collection at Hazorfim, this large silver menorah is a magnificent work of art, possessing a perfection which is hard to miss. With the use of straight lines and sharp edges, our talented silver artists have created pieces that appear to be carved from stone, a brilliant form which is sure to catch your eye. This collection boasts a style which is both modern and refined, for items with a sophisticated and current look which are sure to impress you with their beauty.

This traditional menorah stands on a square base help up by finely carved legs of silver and then curves and rises to hold the stem. The the square stem widens minimally at its top, with an elegant design between each pair of arms, and the middle cup held high at its head. Each set of arms on this pretty menorah branch out in wide half-circles, with each arm holding a square cup that arches in at its center and has an ornate drip pan beneath it. Featured on this decorative menorah are beautiful and intricate engravings, along with a delicate silver leaf resting at the middle of each branch, and a small oil jug attached to the stem.

  • Unique Hanukkah menorah with superior design and quality
  • Handcrafted by our talented artists, with you in mind
  • Supported by a firm base for safe use on your table
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

With this large silver menorah as the centerpiece of your holiday table, your home will sparkle with the special glow which Hanukkah brings.

The Neora Collection is a range of pure silver art which exudes stability, with straight lines and sharp edges. Expert silversmiths give the soft metal the appearance of “carved” stone.  Every item in the collection features a straight, sturdy pillar, supported in four directions, like the four corners of the Heavens.

The collection combines classic and modern design to produce silver art which is stylish and elegant and which symbolizes the strong families which build up the people of Israel.