Height : 27.95 inch
Diameter : 19.29 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Set as a centrepiece or standing alone, this jumbo 19-branch candelabra, once alight, provokes a magical atmosphere and captivates the attention of all those present.

This magnificent silver candelabra has been handcrafted by the brilliant Hazorfim silversmiths, who like their forefathers, revived designs associated with Judaica culture, art and history.

The base of this 19-arm silver candelabra has a high-relief and a simple yet sophisticated design. The artisans cleverly reduced the decorations on the base and stem to enhance the infinite beauty of the upper body of this sterling silver candelabra.

Eighteen capitals with floral, wavy decorated drip pans, sit poised on eighteen strong semi-circular arms. They curve under in a unique way to support their individual candle cups that stand proud and resolute, forming a diameter of 19.29 inches. The middle candle cup stands alone with dignity and serenity.

This sterling silver candelabra 

  • is made from 925 sterling silver
  • has a lifelong warranty
  • has free worldwide shipping
  • can be custom produced 
  • is made to accommodate tea-lights and tapers
  • is part of the Morano Collection
  • has a height of 27.95 inches

Adorning your Shabbat table with this exquisite chef d'oeuvre that resembles a Kiddush cup set, symbolizes a double mitzvah to share with family and friends.

This sterling silver candelabra will become a continuous family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

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