Height : 6.30 inch
Width : 4.72 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,584

Special Price $1,426


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An adornment of grace, a crown of glory (Proverbs 4:9)From generation to generation, Jews have fulfilled the mitzvah of bringing together the fruit of a beautiful tree with palm fronds, myrtle and willow branches. Maintaining the beauty and fragrance of the Etrog is paramount as even the slightest blemish disqualifies this beautiful fruit- thus was born the custom of storing the Etrog in an elegant silver case. The Marta Etrog Box is a piece of silver jewelry designed only to be a spiritual jewel adorning the traditions of the Jewish people. This hand-crafted work of art is shaped by the effort of many skilled silversmiths, using a variety of traditional techniques. Our experts sculpt and engrave pure silver and silver foils to create a breathtaking piece, embellished with exquisite sculpted decorations. The result is a stunning item of silver art which surrounds the Etrog in an ornament of glory.

The Marta Collection is a range of particularly spiritual Jewish silver art, which like all Hazorfim collections is made of pure silver. The unique look of the Marta Collection is that each piece of pure silver art is especially decorated and embellished with complex sculptural ornaments.

To achieve the unique, elegant and luxurious look of the Marta Collection requires detailed hand-crafted work including; foil, sculpture and engraving. The result is a range complimenting a variety of mitzvot, with vessels for Kiddush, Etrog boxes for protecting the precious citron and dishes for the Passover table included in the collection.

The pieces in the Marta collection pay tribute to the precious moments that are the spiritual jewels of the Jewish people.