Height : 64 cm
Width : 44 cm
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $5,495

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Fashioned in the unique design of the Margarita collection at Hazorfim, this sterling silver menorah was created as a special tribute to the art of the Jews of Spain, which stopped being made in 1492 upon their expulsion, but serves as the basis for many Jewish objects which we still have. The pieces in the Margarita collection are noted for their sophistication and design, and are handcrafted by talented silver artists, each made with its own look and special beauty. These pieces all incorporate Spanish themes, including flowers, interwoven vines, and other symbols of nature.

This contemporary menorah stands on a circular base supported by legs of delicately carved silver, and then raises like a platform, before narrowing and climbing to meet the stem. The round stem widerns as it rises, with a beautiful design where it meets each pair of arms, and the middle cup carried proudly at its head. Each set of arms branches out in a wide half-circle, with every branch holding a cup in a vase-like shape, and an ornate drip pan beneath it.

Featured on each part of this modern menorah are magnificent engravings, with an intricate design at the center of each branch, and a small oil jug connected at the side of the stem.


  • Custom-made completely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Adds a touch of class to your holiday
  • Free worldwide shipping provided
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the sparkle of this piece lasts forever


When you buy menorahs from Israel, choose this sterling silver menorah as an exceptional display of silver art, which will light up your holiday with the special sparkle brought about by the festival of lights.

The Margarita Silver Collection pays homage to the wares of Spanish Jewry, work which continued until their expulsion in 1492. The Jewelry crafted by Spanish Jews forms the basis for many of the holy objects we know today.

The Margarita Silver Collection is a delicate combination of unique motifs accompanied by Spanish themes: flowers, inter-twining vines and other representations of nature. Each piece in the Margarita Silver Collection is carefully hand-decorated by expert jewelers, meaning that each piece is individual and has its own unique charm. The pieces which comprise the Margarita Collection are known for an elegance and style which keeps alive the memories from our parents’ home.