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Candle lighting has been part of religious rituals from time immemorial. In Jewish homes, it is a celebrated blessing to light candles on Fridays at sunset to welcome in the Sabbath. What better feature than this 9 arm silver candelabra to cheer up your evening with warmth and intimacy. 

Hazorfim is well-known for its eclectic range of traditional and modern Judaica silver art. Expert silversmiths used simple tools and hammers, to meticulously hand-craft this beautiful modern candelabra. The hammering technique slowly pushes the metal into shape, in small increments, without breakage.

This sterling silver candelabra stands flat on the surface and rises up uninterrupted to the top. There is no defined base only shapely, long, sleek lines and angles that stretch upwards toward the candle cups. 

The well-silhouetted, crescent-shaped labra support nine angular candle cups, with the middle cup slightly raised. They are etched with expressive rims. The overall impression of this sterling silver candelabra is that of a noble figure, clad in an elongated garment reaching the floor, upholding the lights of peace and prosperity. 

Additional benefits

  • The capitals can accommodate all types of candles
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Has a Lifelong warranty
  • Is highly polished for easy maintenance and care

Like its name Lior, this flawless piece of silverware will radiate an abundance of light throughout your home.

Thanks to its high polish and array of polygon shapes, this 9 arm sterling silver candelabra, glimmers with silver shadings permeating the ambiance with joyfulness.

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The Lior Collection is a series of designs which challenge the boundaries of the silversmith. This is a collection of silver art which combines polygonal shapes with curved walls. Through manual hammering, the soft, pure silver is shaped into a cross between a ball and the polygon shapes.

The challenge of the Lior Collection is to create the circle within the square; a task undertaken only by Hazorfim’s most skilled silversmiths. The result is a piece of silver art which represents the timeless elegance of the mitzvot.