Height : 19.49 inch
Width : 11.22 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 6 candle candelabra is a privileged member of the modern, sophisticated Lior collection at Hazorfim, and is thus a breathtaking work of art. This collection tests the limits of our silversmiths by challenging them to create pieces which combine polygonal shapes with rounded walls, producing the look of a circle within a square. By hammering the soft, supple silver into these extraordinary shapes, our talented artists create pieces which display the lasting beauty of the mitzvot.

Supported by a square base which curves in on all four of its sides, this standing candelabra then rises in a pyramid-like shape, narrowing as it climbs. The arms of this piece branch out gracefully in a half-circle at the head of the pillar to hold the unique cups which will house the Shabbat flames. Each cup of this 6 candle silver candelabra is round at the top, before arching in at the enter, ending in a square base, and adding an exceptional element to this already beautiful piece.


  • Made entirely of highly polished 925 sterling silver, with an extraordinary shine
  • Large candelabra stands at 49.5 cm, a perfect centerpiece
  • Easy to clean, with no hard-to-reach areas for polishing
  • Free worldwide shipping provided
  • Lifetime warranty will ensure it always remains as beautiful as the day you bought it


When looking to buy candelabras, don’t let yourself be convinced to purchase anything other than the highest quality. Choose this 6 candle candelabra as the piece which is sure to enhance your table, and earn you compliments from your family and friends.

The Lior Collection is a series of designs which challenge the boundaries of the silversmith. This is a collection of silver art which combines polygonal shapes with curved walls. Through manual hammering, the soft, pure silver is shaped into a cross between a ball and the polygon shapes.

The challenge of the Lior Collection is to create the circle within the square; a task undertaken only by Hazorfim’s most skilled silversmiths. The result is a piece of silver art which represents the timeless elegance of the mitzvot.