Material : Sterling Silver 925


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A treasured member of the Lior Collection, this remarkable 10 arm candelabra is a delight to the eyes. Fashioned by Hazorfim’s most skilled silversmiths, the completed piece is created only through manual hammering and traditional handcrafting techniques to produce a piece of silver art that represents the timeless elegance of the mitzvot.

The solid base of this 10 arm silver candelabra features smooth facets, polished to a shine, which tapers elegantly into a long stem. The curving branches of this 10 candle candelabra stand out not for any embellishments but for their smooth, perfectly rounded shape. Spaced out perfectly, the effect is that of a globe resting on a stand. 

Featuring both polygons and circles in one composed Judaica piece, this sterling silver candelabra is a study in shapes. The timeless style of this candelabra, along with Hazorfim’s unparalleled craftsmanship, make this a work of art.

  • Due to the challenging nature of the design, pieces from the Lior Collection are created only by Hazorfim’s finest silversmiths.
  • Coupling timeless design with unique features, this modern candelabra is an attractive ornament to add to any Shabbat table.
  • A lifetime warranty ensures your candelabra will retain its splendor and appeal for years to come.

Dress up your Shabbat table with a unique, inviting 10 arm candelabra from Hazorfim.

The Lior Collection is a series of designs which challenge the boundaries of the silversmith. This is a collection of silver art which combines polygonal shapes with curved walls. Through manual hammering, the soft, pure silver is shaped into a cross between a ball and the polygon shapes.

The challenge of the Lior Collection is to create the circle within the square; a task undertaken only by Hazorfim’s most skilled silversmiths. The result is a piece of silver art which represents the timeless elegance of the mitzvot.