Height : 14.17 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $667


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With the flames glowing off these ornate silver candlesticks, you’ll never want to leave the table. Their shine is captivating, and will draw you in each and every week, leaving you sitting and watching the candles in awestruck silence. With real silver candlesticks such as these as the centerpiece on your table, your day will be lit up with the glow of Shabbat, and you’ll receive an endless amount of compliments on your sophisticated taste in silver.

These silver Shabbat candlesticks stand on a square base supported by four legs of delicately carved silver which curves in as it rises up to meet the stem. The square stem is wider at the bottom, and thins as it climbs, widening again minimally at the top, just before reaching the cup it holds. Each of the cups on these judaica silver candlesticks is made in a square shape, and arches in slowly under the rim, finishing in a narrower base, for magnificent design, perfect for housing the Shabbat flames.

Each part of these solid silver candlesticks boasts beautiful engravings of leaves and vines  etched at their top and bottom, creating exceptional masterpieces to grace your table.


  • Made with excellent quality and design, for pieces with a superior look
  • Stable base ensures safe use on your table
  • Perfect centerpiece made from pure 925 sterling silver


The extraordinary shine of these ornate silver candlesticks will light up the room, making these the perfect addition to your Shabbat table finery.