Height : 10.83 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $422


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The flames lit in the embrace of these sterling silver candlesticks will radiate off them, making the silver glow brighter than before, and adding a unique element to the aura of the room.

Four legs of finely carved silver support the square base of these solid silver candlesticks, which begins to rise and curve in right above the platform, thinning greatly to the size of the stem. The stem is wider at the bottom, and narrows as it climbs tall and proud, bending outward again slightly at the top, where it reaches the cup. The cups of these jewish silver candlesticks are formed in a square shape, and arch in just under the rim, ending in a slimmer base, making unique pieces to house your Shabbat lights.

The base of these gorgeous judaica silver candlesticks boasts a magnificent design of leaves and vines etched into it at its top and bottom. The stem and cup feature a similar pattern skillfully engraved on their sides to complete these masterpieces with a look of true beauty, making them the most sophisticated way to hold your candles, and a perfect centerpiece to grace your table.


  • 925 sterling silver, fully polished, with an impressive shine
  • Stand at 27.5 cm high, spreading their beautiful glow throughout the room
  • Sturdy base ensures stability for safe use on your table
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees these candlesticks remain as elegant as the day you bought them


When you decide it’s time to buy silver candlesticks, choose these sterling silver candlesticks as items which will enhance your home, and spread the joy of Shabbat through to your entire week.