Width : 9.57 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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With this magnificent silver Jerusalem plate gracing your table, you will be able to feel the beauty and holiness of the city in your home each week as you take this piece out to use on your table. When you look to purchase silver plates, this piece is a great choice if you would like to feel connected to all your fellow Jews and the holy city of Jerusalem on every Shabbat and holiday you celebrate. This unique silver plate was created in an exceptional fashion by our talented silver artists with our valued customers in mind, so that the glory of Jerusalem can be spread to one and all with the beautiful design of this piece.

This sterling silver plate has a round shape and a width of 24.3 cm. The smooth silver center of the plate is surrounded by a wide border, with a magnificent engraving of the holy city of Jerusalem carved into it, encircling the whole piece in a most exquisite fashion.

  • Entirely handmade and polished to perfection
  • Adds a look of beauty to your table
  • Catches any drops that may fall from your kiddush cup
  • Lifetime warranty ensures that this piece remains beautiful forever

The glow of your Shabbat candlesticks will shine beautifully from this silver piece, spreading the light of the flames through the room and leaving you feeling the great joy of Shabbat. When you add this silver Jerusalem plate to your collection, you will feel the beauty of this holy city enhancing the atmosphere in your dining room each week.

The Hammering Collection is a collection born of love for the traditional hand-processing of silver- an art that requires patience, and highly-skilled silversmiths. The stylish look of this hammered foil technique is created by thousands of small hammer blows and it is a skill which has almost disappeared from the world.

Hazorfim created this collection to return this traditional hand-crafting technique to the production of silver art. The Hammering Collection is an elegant range of value for money, prestigious and pure matt pieces of silver art which honors an almost-forgotten technique known only to master silversmiths.