Diameter : 5.12 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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As a privileged member of the impressive Hammering collection at Hazorfim, this silver plate was created as a salute to the traditional techniques of handcrafting silver, which demands a lot of patience and skill. In order to be able to make these magnificent pieces of silver art, our expert silversmiths must hammer the piece of silver thousands of times, which is a form of art that has nearly been forgotten. Hazorfim therefore started the Hammering collection to bring back this method of creating silver pieces which can be practiced only by the most talented silver artists who fashion this beautiful collection with each one of its pieces proudly featuring this unique design.

This gorgeous silver plate is made in a circular shape and has a diameter of 13 cm. The smooth silver center of this piece is surrounded by a wide border which has a pretty hammered design made from many hammer blows, lending this piece a look of modern sophistication.

  • Handcrafted by our expert silversmiths
  • Protects your tablecloth from accidental spills
  • Adds a look of elegance to your table
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

When you look to buy silver plates, this piece will stand out as the ideal choice for you. Your silver kiddush cup will be held beautifully by this silver plate, with the wine which fills it to the brim offsetting the silver in a magnificent fashion, convincing you that you have made the right decision in adding this piece to your collection of Shabbat table finery.

The Hammering Collection is a collection born of love for the traditional hand-processing of silver- an art that requires patience, and highly-skilled silversmiths. The stylish look of this hammered foil technique is created by thousands of small hammer blows and it is a skill which has almost disappeared from the world.

Hazorfim created this collection to return this traditional hand-crafting technique to the production of silver art. The Hammering Collection is an elegant range of value for money, prestigious and pure matt pieces of silver art which honors an almost-forgotten technique known only to master silversmiths.