Height : 7.09 inch
Diameter : 2.24 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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When you use this beautiful silver spice box as you recite the havdalah blessings at the close of the Jewish Sabbath, your table will take on a look of elegance and beauty which you have never been privileged to see before, making you feel like the true silver expert that you have proven yourself to be.

This elegant silver spice box stands on a circular platform, and then arches slightly and climbs to reach the stem. The stem is wide at the bottom, before narrowing and widening again as it rises, with a small ring design separating it from the body of the holder. The body of this piece is round and wide, curving in slightly at the top and then arching back out, and climbing upwards.

A beautiful cover sits at the top of this bessomim box, rising slightly, with a circular design beneath a cone- shaped piece which narrows slowly, with an additional ring design at its top and a thin, pointed piece above that. A small, pearl- like design rings around the spice box at its base, and at the top of the body, finishing the piece with a look of simple sophistication which is hard to find elsewhere.

  • Handmade from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Impressive height of 18 cm, with a diameter of 5.7 cm
  • Crafted to perfection by our talented silversmiths
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

Add this magnificent silver spice box to your collection and be forever grateful at having made the wise decision to purchase this piece.