Height : 25.79 inch
Width : 16.34 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $4,560

Special Price $4,104


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When you first glance at this 9 candle menorah, it is sure to catch your eye and your heart with its beauty. With exquisite design and intricate detail, this magnificent silver menorah has a distinct look of superiority which will have your family and friends exclaiming over its brilliance. When you light the flames in this elegant piece, you will truly be honoring the holiday of Hanukkah in the most exceptional way.

This solid silver menorah stands on an arched platform, with its legs reaching down in a square shape and its sides curving in and out, with the base rising and narrowing to support the stem. The stem widens as it climbs, stopping halfway up, and then beginning to thin again, with delicate silver leaves resting at its widest point, and the middle cup held up proudly at its top. Each set of arms on this sterling silver menorah branch out in a half-circle in a pair of two, with one arm on each side of the stem, holding cups in a vase-like shape, with ornate drip pans beneath them

Every section of this beautiful menorah features intricate engravings and embellishments, lending this piece a look of supreme elegnace. This menorah also boasts an oil jug attached to it on the side of the stem.


  • Magnificent menorah made from 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, and shines brightly, lighting up your home
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the sparkle remains forever


With this 9 candle menorah holding your Hanukkah flames at the window, the beauty of the festival of lights will be spread to everyone around.