Height : 17.52 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Sparkling candles gleaming off silver is a look that’s sure to catch the attention of anyone who comes across it. Shining silver has an enchanting quality, which will light up your home and upgrade the look of your table by a few notches. These real silver candlesticks are a sure winner when paired with the glowing flames of Shabbat.

These silver pillar candle holders are supported by a fascinating base, with its legs reaching out in a square, and its sides arching up and curving in and out in an exceptionally intriguing fashion. The platform rises slightly and then turns into a round stem which bends out at the halfway point and then turns back in, with delicate leaves resting on the the widest part of it, and a linear design on the top half. The cups of these sterling silver candle holders are formed in a vase shape, narrowing under the rim and then curving back out, and feature magnificent flower-shaped drip pans beneath them, completing the beautiful image.

Each section of these silver Shabbat candlesticks boasts ornate engravings and embellishments, resembling leaves and vines, for an extremely breathtaking finish.


  • Perfectly polished, made from 925 sterling silver
  • Sturdy base ensures safe use on your table
  • Suitable for any type of candles
  • Superior quality candlesticks will last a lifetime


When looking for the perfect silver candlesticks for sale, you need not look much further. These real silver candlesticks will bring that touch of class to your table when you add them to your collection.