Height : 24.80 inch
Width : 16.34 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $9,578

Special Price $7,662


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Setting this 10 arm candelabra on your table instantly changes the atmosphere in the room. At just over two feet tall, full of intricate and elaborate decorations, this regal Judaica piece has a presence that draws attention to it, not just on Shabbat but every day of the week.

The sterling silver candelabra stands on a square base, its arched sides giving added height and sophistication to the piece. The elaborate embellishments on the base and stem, which widen and narrow as the eye moves upward, include a graceful leaf motif, as well as simple lines and smooth, gleaming surfaces.

The branches of this 10 arm silver candelabra arch up and down, heavily adorned with intricate and elaborate vines and flowers. They are topped with drip pans that sit beneath the candle holders, reminiscent of an elaborate flower garden in the European countryside, especially with the large number of candles in this candelabra.

This 10 candle candelabra features:

  • A handcrafted piece, produced especially for you by Hazorfim’s finest silversmiths
  • An exclusive, ornamented style that draws attention to your sophisticated taste
  • A solid base that supports this large, ornate candelabra, no matter what happens

This stunning 10 arm candelabra is a truly unique expression of your personal Jewish identity and a way to share a beautiful Shabbat with family and friends.