Diameter : 5.12 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $117

Special Price $76


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As a privileged part of the magnificent Garda collection at Hazorfim, this silver plate was inspired by Baroque style designs which portray splendor and bounty, and is a true masterpiece which will enhance any table it graces. Our talented silversmiths, who are skilled and professional at using many handcrafting methods, create every piece in the Garda collection, ensuring that each piece is crafted with utmost care and top quality. The leaves, vines, and flowers boasted by each item are painstakingly added to the silver, along with the designs and shapes which have been formed into the silver itself.

This small silver plate is formed in a circular shape and has a diameter of 13 cm. The smooth silver center is surrounded by a wide border that is divided into four sections, with a checkered engraving separating each one. Every panel has an ornate vine design, with a beautiful floral embellishment at the center of each vine.

  • Custom-crafted completely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Made with exceptional quality and a magnificent design
  • Protects your tablecloth from any accidental spills
  • Brings a touch of culture and sophistication to your table

With this sterling silver plate holding your silver kiddush cup and the glow from your silver Shabbat candlesticks radiating through the room, you will experience the beauty of Shabbat on a level you could only have imagined before. When you purchase this silver plate to use on your table each week, you will be giving yourself the greatest gift you possibly can.

The Garda Collection is inspired by Baroque-style, symbolic of abundance and glory, and charming the eye with its appeal to emotion and imagination. Each piece in the Garda Collection demands expert silversmiths, specializing in the art of handmade silver.

Leaves, flowers and the domes at the top and base of the piece are soldered into place with patterns and shapes being hammered into the silver. The creation of each piece requires many, expert and highly specialized artists. The Garda Collection symbolizes devotion, thought and attention to detail.