Diameter : 6.30 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Created in the unique style of the Garda collection at Hazorfim, this large silver plate takes its inspiration from Baroque style designs which represent grandeur and plenty, and is an exceptional work of art worthy of a second look. Each piece in the Garda collection is made by many talented silver artists who are extremely skilled and accomplished in handcrafting techniques. The designs featured on the pieces in this collection, such as the leaves, flowers, and domes, are carefully fused onto the pieces along with shapes and patterns which are formed directly into the silver.

This Jewish silver plate has a circular shape and the impressive diameter of 16 cm. A wide border surrounds the smooth center and is divided into four panels, with a divider that has a checked pattern separating each one. A magnificent vine design is etched into each panel and a floral embellishment is placed at the center of each engraving.

  • Made entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Handcrafted with superior quality and an outstanding design
  • Brings a touch of culture to your table
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

When this sterling silver plate holds your beautifully decorated kiddush cup each and every week, you will be left staring in awe at the elegant look which your table now radiates, and find yourself dreaming of Shabbat all week long. Add this large silver plate to your collection to experience this feeling of beauty which only silver and the holy Shabbat day can bring you.

The Garda Collection is inspired by Baroque-style, symbolic of abundance and glory, and charming the eye with its appeal to emotion and imagination. Each piece in the Garda Collection demands expert silversmiths, specializing in the art of handmade silver.

Leaves, flowers and the domes at the top and base of the piece are soldered into place with patterns and shapes being hammered into the silver. The creation of each piece requires many, expert and highly specialized artists. The Garda Collection symbolizes devotion, thought and attention to detail.