Material : Silver Plated

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These floral tea light candle holders are a sight to behold. The design of these pieces is beautiful, with magnificent silver and a perfect shape. With these tea light holders gracing your table, your home will be lit up with the beauty of the lights they hold, and you’ll wish the flames could stay lit forever.

Formed in an oval shape, these tea light holders will sit safely on your table with their flat base. These pieces are covered entirely by an elegant pattern of small silver plated flowers, giving them a truly exquisite look. The top of the oval cuts in, with a hollow in which to place a tea light, resulting in amazing pieces to light up your table.

The beauty with which these pieces are designed is hard to miss. The silver shines brilliantly, with the magnificent flowers sparkling along with the flames. Though they may be small, the charm these tea light holders possess is an immediate eye-catcher.


  • Made with superb design, to bring a touch of class to your table
  • Beautiful silver plated tea light holders, with a great shine
  • Stable platform ensures safe use on any surface
  • Great for travel or weekly use
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees these pieces will keep sparkling forever


When you add these tea light candle holders to your collection of shining silver, your dining room will be lit up with a special glow that only the flames of Shabbat can bring. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity, and purchase these beautiful floral tea light holders today.