Height : 14.09 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Like many 6 arm candelabras, the filigree smooth candelabra with six branches is a masterful illustration of the expertise of Hazorfim’s silversmiths. In addition, the Filigree Collection celebrates the heritage of the Jews of Yemen, a community noted for its filigree artwork and steeped in tradition and culture.

Filigree has adorned countless Judaica silver pieces over the years, but none were quite like this one. This 6 arm silver candelabra features one taller candle holder in the center, surrounded by five candle holders around it. Each cup holder looks like the ball of a traditional goblet, with filigree designed around the top and the center of each one.

The highly polished silver of the arms swoops downward, toward an elegant stem that widens and narrows several times as it moves toward the base. The circular base is finished with feet made of filigree designs, elegantly holding up the entire candelabra.

  • This work of art is a sterling silver candelabra that will last for generations.
  • Candlelight reflects off the highly polished silver like sunlight on a lake.
  • A classic 6 candle candelabra design, this piece is an ornament to your Shabbat table.

With intricate filigree work and impeccably smooth silver, this 6 arm candelabra is a shining example of Hazorfim’s expert silver work. This radiant piece can brighten your entire Shabbat!

At Hazorfim, we chose to design a collection to pay homage to the special art of the Jews of Yemen and so we created the Filigree Collection, the central motif being crafted filigree. Filigree is the art of decorating by using fine silver threads spliced and wound in artistic patterns to form large, impressive silver decorations which adorn the pieces.

Filigree requires infinite patience as the craftsman persistently returns hundreds or thousands of times to the basic decoration pattern creating the spectacular adornments on the edges of each piece.