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The Eshkol Anavim braided lipped kiddush cup is simultaneously simple and grand in presentation. Beginning with an extremely thin and polished curled lip, the cup gradually tapers down for approximately two-thirds of its full height. This entire section of the kiddush cup has been created with a soft, sanded effect in contrast to the lip and two other sections.

At the base of the main vertical portion of the kiddush cup is a flattened, horizontal chain-link embellishment that encircles the cup, finished with one small, draping cluster of grapes that overlaps a narrow, polished horizontal band on a sort of “hip” area of the cup just beneath the main vertical area. Under the narrow, polished part, the rest of the “hip” has a softly sanded appearance, which, then, nips back in and drops down to a highly polished, multiple-stepped and curled cup base.

  • Kiddush cup set features a classic hipped shape with a balance of polished and softly sanded surfaces along with simple embellishment
  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship
  • Created from 925 sterling silver
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this product’s beauty forever
  • Free worldwide shipping is provided for your added convenience

Whether for your own growing collection or that of someone you want to surprise with a fabulous gift, the Eshkol Anavim braided lipped kiddush cup features classic, simple, and timeless design elements that would be most welcome in any setting and would appeal to nearly every taste.