Height : 7.68 inch
Width : 3.35 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 205 ml

  We offer engraving on all of our silver items. Engraving can be done in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two. Please note, engraving will delay shipping by up to 5 days.
Minimum charge $18 for up to 10 letters. Any additional letter $1.

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With the glow of the flames held by your silver Shabbat candlesticks radiating off this silver kiddush cup set, the look of your home will be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. The sparkling silver will assist you in welcoming in the holy day of Shabbat in the most elegant way you can, highlighting for everyone the great importance you give to this day.

The sterling silver plate of this set is made in a round shape, with a wide border surrounding the sleek center and a delicate embellishment encircling the rim. An ornate engraving is etched into the border in three parts, featuring a swirl of silver and a medallion-like design. Between the three sections is smooth silver, along with a diamond-shaped engraving that surrounds a magnificent floral embellishment

Supported by a circular platform, the cup of this unique kiddush cup set climbs directly from the base, widening slightly as it rises to the top. The cup has a floral adornment at the center of each side, with a diamond shape made of smooth silver around it, and a swirled engraving making up the diamond. Between the diamonds are intricate engravings similar to that of the plate.

  • Handcrafted completely form 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible shine
  • Option for engraving will add a personalized touch
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your added convenience

Add this silver kiddush cup set to your collection to experience Shabbat in a way you never have before.