Material : Sterling Silver 925


This item is currently in production and a limited quantity will be produced and available within 30-90 days. Place your order now to reserve the product and we will ship it to you when ready.


When you use this silver candle lighter to light the candles when you recite the blessings to welcome in the holy day, or before you recite the havdalah blessings at the day’s end, the atmosphere will change completely. This elegant piece will add a new level of beauty to your collection of silver finery, earning you numerous compliments from your family and friends alike when they see your outstanding taste in silver art, and making you feel like the true silver expert which you have proven yourself to be.

This havdalah candle lighter is a genuine work of art which will light up your week with its beauty. The bottom of this piece has a small ball of silver on its end, before widening and then arching in and out for an easy grasp, ending with a wider top. A long and thin neck extends from the handle in which to place the candle, resulting in a piece with a sleek and sophisticated look.

The handle of this elegant piece features a magnificent, intricate engraving of flowers, finishing this candle lighter with a look of exceptional beauty which is hard to find elsewhere.

  • Made entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible shine
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

With this silver candle lighter added to your collection of silver finery, your Shabbat table or classy party will take on an additional level of elegance and sophistication which you have never been privileged to witness before.