Height : 1.77 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This elegant sterling silver liquor cup boasts a beauty and sophistication which will add to the look of your dining room table each time you take it out of the cabinet. When looking for the ideal wedding gift for a new bride and groom, this piece is sure to catch your attention as the perfect option for you, as it is sure to find favor in the eyes of the young couple, and bring a look of class and elegance to their new home.

Standing on a circular platform, this beautiful silver judaica cup then widens and rises, slanting slightly outward as it climbs and finishing with a wider lip. The cup features magnificent engravings at its center, giving it a look of true beauty and elegance which is sure to add a special look to your table as you use it each week.

  • Handcrafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Adds a look of elegance to any table
  • Made with an exceptional quality craftsmanship and superior design
  • Lifetime warranty provided to guarantee the beauty of this piece will last forever

If you look for a piece with a true beauty and exceptional sophistication when you want to buy silver liquor cups, this piece is the perfect one for you. With this magnificent sterling silver liquor cup added to your collection of silver table finery, your table will take on a special sparkle which will leave you dreaming of the holy day of Shabbat all week long.