Custom Made

 Throne of David

 The Throne of David was born from the challenge set by one of our private clients; a Russian businessman who divides his time between Russia and Israel. The businessman wanted to acquire chairs for his guests made entirely of pure silver, yet he found only wooden chairs decorated with silver. Our customer did not give up and instead turned to Hazorfim to fulfil his desires.

 Hazorfim’s owner, Lead Designer and world-renowned silversmith Ya’akov Merdinger accepted the challenge- create a throne from soft pure silver which is robust enough to carry different weights over time and survive the erosion of repeated physical contact.

 Hazorfim held design and construction workshops over a period of six months which tested different theories before the engineering solution was found- turning soft, pure silver into a chair which was functional beyond the undoubted artistic magic. 

The answer was a series of modular joints which could be fitted and replaced in a matter of minutes, easily connecting the parts of the chair but also strengthening the joins by absorbing the impact of the changing weights placed on the throne. A second advantage was that these joints could be easily replaced in due course, keeping the throne intact, with a lifetime warranty.


The Throne of David was inspired by the Ben David Collection, so named after the House of David who ruled in Judea for 400 years. The design is heavily influenced by Baroque-style and boasts a combination of dramatic elements and hand-made decorations. Upon completion, the customer ordered no less than four chairs at a cost of $120,000 per chair and a matching table built on the same principles. Each Throne of David and the accompanying table can hold weights of hundreds of pounds and any host will be delighted by their beauty and functionality for many, many years to come.



Sixteen Piece Wine Fountain


Wine fountains are used in Jewish homes on Shabbat and holidays to dispense wine. The head of the family blesses the wine and then all who are gathered at the table can drink from it. A Hazorfim wine fountain beautifully compliments this tradition; allowing the blessed wine to be divided and flow into individual pure silver glasses.


Hazorfim has a fine tradition in the creation and sale of wine fountains which have six, eight or twelve pieces- to match the needs of even large Jewish families. However, one customer who is inspired to host many guests contacted Hazorfim personally with an unusual request- a sixteen-piece wine fountain.


Ya’akov Merdinger the owner and Lead Designer of Hazorfim took on the challenge and created a custom designed Sixteen Piece Wine Fountain. The wine fountain has a unique design- styled after a vine growing and climbing, with sixteen small sterling silver taps hiding between vine leaves.


The taps were a major challenge for even a silversmith of Ya’akov’s stature because they must be made from pure silver- an eternal metal that cannot be combined with inferior metals- and the use of rubber seals or springs founding ordinary taps is not possible. The solution was to create specially shaped parts for the face of the tap which make use of the soft nature of silver, allowing the taps to be sealed when not in use; ingeniously permitting the exquisite beauty and elegance of the sixteen piece wine fountain to be admired even at smaller events.