Height : 3.54 inch
Width : 5.31 inch
Length : 5.31 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 175


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This silver kiddush cup set has a look of magnificence and breathtaking beauty which cannot be found anywhere else. Its beautiful design and exceptional form make it a perfect choice for the consumer who’s looking for a piece with outstanding excellence.

The plate of this sterling silver kiddush cup set is made in a hexagon shape, with a wide border surrounding its sleek, round center. Each side of the border features a brilliant checkered design with delicate twirls of silver at their edges and an oval-shaped embellishment at their centers. An elevated rim surrounds the plate, made to look like a cord of silver, and finishing the piece with an extremely elegant look.

The silver kiddush cup stands on a round platform which rises directly into the cup and widens slightly as it climbs, ending with a broader lip. The cup is etched with a design like that of the plate, with each side boasting a checked pattern and silver swirls at the top, along with oval adornments at the center. A corded silver divider separates each side of the cup, with a border of smooth silver on the top and bottom of the design.

  • Made with a magnificent design and superior quality
  • Custom-crafted for our valued customers
  • Polished to a shine, with an exceptional glow
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the piece remains beautiful forever

The elegance and sophistication with which this silver kiddush cup set is made will add  a brilliant look to your table when you purchase it for your collection of silver finery.