Height : 19.29 inch
Width : 12.60 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 10 candle candelabra is an exceptional work of art, and a proud member of the Comino collection at Hazorfim, which was inspired by the idea of an ancient fireplace. The flames of a fireplace burn brilliantly, giving the room a special glow, and embracing everything around it with a special warmth. The pieces in the Comino collection are handcrafted by our talented silversmiths, each of whom specialize in a different department, and are polished to a shine, enabling the flames to sparkle off the pure silver and envelop all in its warmth, adding a light and joy to the homes it graces.

Standing on a square base supported by four legs of delicate silver, this elegant silver table candelabra then rises into a stem which thins sightly at its center as it climbs to carry the arms. Each branch of this standing candelabra curves up and down, widening in an intriguing design, and then twirling back around to hold the 10 fascinating square cups. The cups arch in under the rim, creating masterful pieces which are the perfect tools to house your glowing Shabbat flames.


  • Solid silver candelabra adds an exceptional sparkle to your table
  • Sturdy base ensures safe use even when children are around
  • Handcrafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Top-quality and polished to a shine, with superior design


When choosing a silver piece to hold your Shabbat candles and grace your table, this 10 candle candelabra is a great option, as a piece which will earn you compliments and leave you with a feeling of pride each time you see it.

The Comino Collection is inspired by the sight of an ancient fireplace; its flames emitting their glowing warmth. The uniqueness of the Comino Collection is how it warms the appearance of the home when in position. All pieces in the collection are hand-made by a team of silversmiths- each with a different specialism: metal spinning, hammering and fine polishing.

Hazorfim’s unique, patented polishing method assures that light from the Shabbat candles reflects from the silver panels to envelop us like a cozy fireplace. The Comino Collection is a unique range of silver art which distributes ambient light and joy to the family home.