Height : 22.05 inch
Width : 13.58 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,471

Special Price $1,031


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As a proud member of the unique Comino collection at Hazorfim, this 9 candle menorah is a genuine masterpiece, with its inspiration drawn from the ancient fireplace. With its flames burning brilliantly, the fireplace emits a special glow, enveloping everyone around it with an exceptional warmth. Each piece that’s part of the magnificent Comino collection is handcrafted by our talented silver artists, each with a specialty in a different field, and is polished to perfection in order to allow its fire to glow off the smooth silver and embrace everyone in its warmth, much like the flames of a fireplace.

Standing on a square base supported by four legs of delicately joined threads of silver, the platform of this solid silver menorah thins and then arches it as it climbs up to reach the stem. The stem is wider at the bottom, but slims as it rises tall and proud, widening again slightly at the top, and carrying the middle cup at its head. The arms of this beautiful menorah branch out in sets of two, one on each side of the stem, holding the cups which arch in just under the rim and end in a slimmer base, with a ring design encircling the branch at its middle.


  • Pure 925 sterling silver menorah, made with superior quality
  • Fully polished silver menorah adds a special glow to your candles
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this sparkling piece remains beautiful forever


This 9 candle menorah will add a great quality to your holiday, when you purchase it to light your Hanukkah candles in.

The Comino Collection is inspired by the sight of an ancient fireplace; its flames emitting their glowing warmth. The uniqueness of the Comino Collection is how it warms the appearance of the home when in position. All pieces in the collection are hand-made by a team of silversmiths- each with a different specialism: metal spinning, hammering and fine polishing.

Hazorfim’s unique, patented polishing method assures that light from the Shabbat candles reflects from the silver panels to envelop us like a cozy fireplace. The Comino Collection is a unique range of silver art which distributes ambient light and joy to the family home.