Height : 6.69 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

  We offer engraving on all of our silver items. Engraving can be done in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two. Please note, engraving will delay shipping by up to 5 days.
Minimum charge $18 for up to 10 letters. Any additional letter $1.

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The Cobalt stemmed silver kiddush cup is simple and grand simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for your collection or for someone you’d like to buy a memorable gift. The foot of the kiddush cup is a stately combination of scallops followed by flat edges, stepping up twice before gracefully curving in to rise into a sleek columnar stem. Near the top, the stem juts out, slightly, then pinches back in then angles up beneath the cup.

The scallop and flat edge pattern continues at the cup’s base with a narrow horizontal band which steps in twice then widens, converting the scallop and flat edge pattern that began at the base into a pleated effect that runs vertically up the remainder of the cup. Though otherwise unadorned, this cup is dramatic by virtue of this motif which is finished with a lovely narrow braid at the lip. It is statuesque and classic in its style, but certainly not plain.

  • Kiddush cup features a graceful pleated effect and a polished surface
  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship
  • Created from 925 sterling silver
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this product’s beauty forever
  • Free worldwide shipping is provided for your added convenience

If you’ve been looking for a cup combining traditional structure without so much fussiness, perhaps this Cobalt stemmed silver kiddush cup is for you. Then again, maybe it’s the perfect gift for that special upcoming simcha. A difficult decision, but, either way, this classic is sure to please.

The Cobalt Collection is inspired by the qualities of the metal cobalt, particularly the strong metallic silver-white color. To reach this bright shade of silver requires polishing and re-polishing the pieces over and over again.

The lengthy process requires a skilled and patient silversmith who is expert in a number of traditional hand-polishing and re-coating techniques; none of which may be skipped in the process of producing these stunning items. The result is a unique collection of bright silver matte artworks each with a striking beauty.