Height : 24.41 inch
Width : 16.93 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $3,651

Special Price $3,286


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As part of the elegant Cobalt collection at Hazorfim, this sterling silver menorah takes its inspiration from the cobalt metal and its bright metallic silver-white color, which our artists imitate by polishing the silver multiple times. Because of the great amount of time this takes, a talented and persistent silversmith who is skilled in many different polishing and coating methods is required for the task. The result of all this hard work is a collection of pieces with a strong silver matte look, and an exceptional beauty.

This beautiful menorah stands on an arched circular base supported by four legs of delicately interwoven silver threads, and climbs slightly before meeting the stem. The round stem thins as it rises, with a small, rounded design between each pair of branches, ending with a cap-like piece at the top. The arms of this jewish menorah branch out in a wide half-circle on either side of the stem, with the middle one curving out from the side, and each one holding a vase-shaped cup with a drip pan beneath it.

Featured on each part of this unique menorah are magnificent engravings and adornments, with a small oil jug connected at the side of the stem.


  • Custom-crafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Perfectly polished, with an incredible shine
  • Firm base for worry-free use
  • Free worldwide shipping provided


Anyone looking to buy menorahs will be pleasantly surprised when they chance upon this piece. With this sterling silver menorah as your Hanukkah centerpiece, your home will sparkle with the light of the flames, earning you many compliments and making you feel like the silver expert which you have proven yourself to be.

The Cobalt Collection is inspired by the qualities of the metal cobalt, particularly the strong metallic silver-white color. To reach this bright shade of silver requires polishing and re-polishing the pieces over and over again.

The lengthy process requires a skilled and patient silversmith who is expert in a number of traditional hand-polishing and re-coating techniques; none of which may be skipped in the process of producing these stunning items. The result is a unique collection of bright silver matte artworks each with a striking beauty.