Height : 6.30 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $193

Special Price $135


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When you place this silver Eliyahu plate on your table, be it on the Passover seder table or your weekly Shabbat table, the magnificent look of its pure silver, offset by the deep sparkling wine filling the kiddush cup it holds, will leave you staring in awe. If you’re looking to buy silver plates, you no doubt want something with a special design and a gorgeous silver sparkle, which are both things that this piece radiates. When searching for the ideal piece to add to your silver collection, you are sure to find something exclusive and beautiful when you look at Hazorfim’s display of judaica silver pieces.

This elegant silver plate has a border which curves in and out in a spectacular design, surrounding the flat surface of its center. The border is divided into six panels, with smooth silver dividing every part. Each panel boasts an ornate design, alternating between an engraving of a vine and an embellishment of a cluster of flowers.

  • Beautiful design shines from the pure 925 sterling silver
  • Made with exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship
  • Catches drips from the kiddush cup to protect your table
  • Lifetime warranty ensures this piece retains its sparkle forever

The beauty of this piece will be heightened tenfold when the silver reflects the light emanating from your sterling silver candlesticks, giving it a special Shabbat glow. This silver Eliyahu plate will enhance your table and bring it to another level, making you wish this holy day would come more often.