Height : 15.75 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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These sterling silver candlesticks stand on an arched circular base supported by four legs of delicately carved silver, which slowly narrows to carry the stem. An oval-shaped piece sits between the platform and the stem, with the round stem starting after, thinning as it climbs and curving out again at the head. The stem holds elegant flower-shaped drip pans beneath the cups which are shaped like a vase, a ball shape on bottom, and bending in under the rim.

Featured on the different parts of these silver Shabbat candlesticks are extraordinary, ornate engravings of leaves and flowers, giving the piece a look of distinction.

Standing at a height of 40 cm, these unique candle holders radiate beauty, lending a magnificent look to your table. With the Shabbat flames alight in their embrace, your home will be transformed by the shining silver, leaving you with a feeling of peace all week long.


  • Superior quality and design, resulting in perfect centerpieces
  • Sterling silver candle holders suitable for any type of candle
  • Brings a touch of class to your table
  • Supported by a firm base, for safe use even when children are present
  • Lifetime warranty ensures these candlesticks will retain their beauty forever


With these silver candle holders gracing your table, the compliments will not be long in coming. When you look at these pieces you can immediately see their innate beauty, all the more so when the Shabbat flames are glowing off their silver. Add these sterling silver candlesticks to your Shabbat table finery for a look you won’t soon forget.