Height : 31.10 inch
Width : 20.67 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $11,693

Special Price $10,524


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A large silver menorah holding sparkling Hanukkah candles is sure to add a special dimension to your holiday. With an impressive height of 79 cm, this decorative menorah stands tall and proud, boasting a sophisticated design and elite quality, thereby earning you countless compliments and spreading the joy of the holiday to one and all.

This unique menorah stands on an arched, circular platform supported by legs of fine silver, climbing slightly before reaching the stem, with an oval piece separating the base from the stem. The round stem thins as it rises, with a small design between each pair of branches, and the middle cup held high at its top. Each arm of this jewish menorah arches out in a set of two, carrying a small drip pan beneath cups formed in the shape of a vase.

Featured on each part of this pretty menorah are elegant engravings along with magnificent adornments, including a vine design which curves out on the sides of the branches. This piece also boasts a small, ornate oil jug which is connected to the side of the stem.


  • Superior quality craftsmanship, with impressive design
  • Handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Adds a touch of class to your holiday
  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible shine
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees its beauty forever


With your Hanukkah flames radiating off this large silver menorah, your holiday will be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving you with a feeling of beauty which you have never experienced before.