Height : 26.18 inch
Width : 16.14 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This silver menorah will catch your eye at any small menorahs sale, captivating your heart with its extreme beauty. The unique design and magnificent adornments transform this piece from an ordinary small menorah to a menorah with a superior quality, which will bring your holiday to the next level.

Standing on an arched circular base supported by four legs of delicately carved silver, this sterling silver menorah then climbs like a platform, narrowing before it meets the stem. The round stem is thin at the bottom and widens as it rises, stopping halfway and then starting to thin again as it continues upwards, climbing to the top and holding the center cup higher than the others. The arms of this jewish menorah branch out in a wide half-circle in pairs of two, with one on either side of the stem, and each one carrying a cup in the shape of a vase, with an ornate drip pan beneath it.
Each section of this magnificent menorah features intricate engravings and embellishments, lending an additional measure of beauty to this already outstanding piece. This menorah also has a small oil jug with a delicate silver handle attached to the side of the stem, which is used to fill the cups with the oil to light the flames.


  • Handcrafted completely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection for an incredible shine
  • Height of 66.5 cm allows this piece to be seen easily from your window
  • Lifetime warranty ensures that this menorah will stay as beautiful as the day you bought it


Purchase this silver menorah to hold your Hanukkah lights and your holiday will be transformed forever.