Height : 29.53 inch
Width : 19.49 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $11,535

Special Price $10,382


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This silver menorah will add the perfect sparkle to your holiday when your Hanukkah flames are lit in its hold. Standing at a height of 75 cm, this unique menorah will spread the light of your candles to the street when you place it in your window, reminding one and all of the amazing story of the festival of lights.

With an arched circular base standing on legs of finely carved silver, this modern menorah then climbs and narrows to support the stem. The stem is thin and round at the bottom, widening as it rises, before stopping in the middle and starting to thin again. The branches are made of small arcs connected by their tips, with additional curls of silver below them for added support, and each arm carrying a cup in a vase shape, with a drip pan beneath it.

Featured on every part of this pretty menorah are ornate engravings and adornments, with delicate curlicues of silver extending from the bottom branches. This menorah also comes with a small oil jug that has a dainty silver handle and is attached to the stem, to be used to fill the cups with oil.


  • Magnificent design adds a great elegnace to your holiday
  • Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, and polished to a shine
  • Firm base ensures safe use on your table or shelf
  • Free worldwide shipping provided


When you purchase this silver menorah to hold your Hanukkah candles, your holiday will take on a new dimension as the flames glow off the sterling silver.