Height : 17.52 inch
Width : 13.39 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $5,031

Special Price $4,528


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The Bolero collection at Hazorfim, which this 9 candle candelabra is a privileged member of, contains pieces with a unique, sophisticated look, which are genuine masterpieces. This collection is fashioned after the Bolero dresses that the Spanish women culturally wore, which were made from a rich, velvet fabric. In order to create the look of the magnificent velvet-like folds, these pieces are polished numerous times throughout the design stage by our expert silversmiths, with the final polish done by a combination of typical handcrafting methods and tools made specifically for this use.

This pillar candelabra stands on a square base that curves in out and, giving the piece a wavy look, and then narrows pyramid-like into a stem, which thins minimally before widening again at the top. Each arm twists slightly up and down, becoming a little thicker where it climbs to hold the square cups, which arch as they reach their middle, finishing with a narrower base. This Shabbat candelabra is an impressive piece, with an exquisite design, perfect for housing your Shabbat flames.


  • Produced entirely from 925 sterling silver to bring an extra shine to your table
  • Pillar candle candelabra made exclusively for our valued customer
  • Stands at 44.5 cm, making it a gorgeous centerpiece for your table
  • Lifetime warranty will guaranty this piece remains beautiful forever


When looking where to buy candelabras, choose Hazorfim and this 9 candle candelabra as the most spectacular piece to host your Shabbat candles, and enhance your table.

The Bolero collection sees pure silver fashioned after the luxurious velvet fabric used by Spanish women in Bolero dresses. To achieve the same “velvet” folds, Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths must polish the silver piece several times at various different stages of the work’s creation. Final polishing is done using both specially designed machine tools and traditional hand-crafting techniques.