Height : 17.32 inch
Width : 12.99 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $4,365

Special Price $3,929


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Did you ever see a dance with ethnic Spanish costumes and appreciate the movement of the fabric of the costumes as they swayed to and fro? This 7 branch silver candelabra is designed to capture the movement of these specific dresses worn by the women of Spain with the velvety texture and flowy movements.

Unique, elegant and a step above your average Judaica silver piece, this 7 branch sterling silver candelabra is tall and elegant. The base is an elongated trunk that curves right into the branches, shaped like a long high-waisted dress. Our silver candelabra centerpiece is 44 cm high and the branches are dispersed around the center branch in long, thin, curved branches, which sets them at a wide 33 cm diameter.

The cup holders on this candelabra are also elongated like the trunk and are textured to look like soft and flowy. Each element here is square shaped with 4 corners, but the candelabra retains its flowy shape as the corners are rounded and each surface is rippled to create that effect.

  • Highly fashionable design, depicts a look of velvet silver with its smooth surfaces and flowy ridges throughout
  • High quality sterling silver 7 branch candelabra made of superior quality materials and world class craftsmanship

Spruce up your table and add some texture and movement to each Shabbat and holiday meal with this 7 branch silver candelabra.

The Bolero collection sees pure silver fashioned after the luxurious velvet fabric used by Spanish women in Bolero dresses. To achieve the same “velvet” folds, Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths must polish the silver piece several times at various different stages of the work’s creation. Final polishing is done using both specially designed machine tools and traditional hand-crafting techniques.