Height : 22.83 inch
Width : 12.99 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 8-branched candelabra, a valuable part of the prestigious Begale collection, is one of Judaica’s splendid ceremonial objects d’art. 

It is created and inspired by the virtuoso silversmiths of Hazorfim, leaders and experts in their field, who are particularly adept at producing sophisticated silver masterpieces that display a multitude of décors and motifs.

With a quasi-contemporary look, this appealing candelabra stands flat on a circular base surrounded by double rings. It then builds up onto a thicker knop stretching tall with a long beautiful stem. At its apex, 8 semi-circular, eye-catching labra float upwards supporting their candle cups. 

Depending on your choice of flame, the cup holders of this refined piece of art are fashioned to accommodate tea-lights, slender tapers and oil. Silver marble-shaped twin feet complete the form of this elegant candelabra.

Talented artisans have succeeded in giving this 8-armed, 925 sterling silver candelabra, immense style, elegance and stature thanks to the slim straight lines authored in black and silver.

Additional features of this silver 8 branches candelabra:

  • Has an aesthetic look
  • Stands at a height of 22.83 inches with a width of 12.99 inches
  • Is easy to clean 
  • Highly polished for minimum maintenance
  • Has a life-long guarantee
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Can be custom ordered

This extraordinary piece, a gift to yourself and to others, will significantly embellish your Shabbat table and continue to invite compliments and admiration.

The Hazorfim Team is always at your service.