Height : 31.50 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Art is a way of expressing ideas, skills and imagination––– crafting and sculpting are two such examples that are appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. The ingenious and resourceful Hazorfim silversmiths have clearly illustrated such qualities in this spectacular, silver candelabra.

The late Joseph Merdinger, who escaped the war carrying his precious collection of work tools and visionary ideas, revived the classical baroque design, reminiscent of 18th century Austro-Hungarian cultures, when he produced the Ben Yehuda collection. 

The chic character of this 6 arm silver candelabra has a luxurious design and a touch of opulence and grace.

Using simple tools and time-proven methods, Hazorfim’s talented artisans have handcrafted this amazing sterling silver candelabra with great imagination. Its intricate vine-like shapes wind their way from the knop upwards and peak with bowing tip heads, projecting a sense of humility. 

What better motif to display at your Shabbat table?

Five semi-circular labra support five candle cups that float around the stem. The sixth candle cup is attached to the column and leads with quiet grandeur. A truly majestic piece of art!

Some additional benefits:

  • Made from 925 pure sterling silver
  • A beautiful, well-balanced, solid piece of art 
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping 
  • Candle cups accommodate tealights and tapers

The salient features of this 6 arm candle candelabra promise light and splendour. 

Our Hazorfim team is always ready to assist you with your purchase.

The Ben-Yehuda Collection is the first designed by the late Joseph Merdinger for Hazorfim and is influenced by the baroque-style typical of Austro-Hungarian Jews. Merdinger escaped Europe before the war, carrying only a suitcase containing his silversmith’s tools and his vision for "Hazorfim"- a company to revive the tradition of Jewish jewelry making and the traditional skills of hand-made silver art in the Land of Israel.

The elegant pieces which make-up the Ben-Yehuda Collection, are Joseph’s interpretation of classic imperial designs made famous by Jewish silversmiths from northern Europe.