Height : 15.75 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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We at Hazorfim just love this 5 branch silver candelabra from the Ben Yehuda collection. It is invested with so much talent and thought, the results are just stunning. This collection is inspired mostly by the Austro-Hungarian Baroque style of pre-war Europe and features a vast array of lighting pieces such as candlesticks and candelabras, and serving bowls.
This 5 branch sterling silver candelabra is highly stylized, making it a classic Judaica silver piece, which makes it a timeless treasure. The base sits on 4 curled sterling silver legs and itself is round. It is framed by 4 beautiful silver prongs which are thick and curvy and beautifully engraved.

The trunk of this silver candelabra centerpiece continues in the same highly stylized fashion as the base, with silver swirls and a lot of heavy movement as it heads up towards the branches. These branches resemble curly branches of a tree and twist and curve upwards to house the cup holders. These cup holders are extraordinarily shaped as rounded and curved with a wide lip that has a beautiful flower petal decoration at the top, where the cup sits.

  • 40 cm high, highly stylized classic 5 branch candelabra
  • Thick heavy engravings and embellishments throughout, adding elegance and naturally enhancing your home

Take your Shabbat a step up and add some silver shine to each meal with this ornate 5 branch silver candelabra

The Ben-Yehuda Collection is the first designed by the late Joseph Merdinger for Hazorfim and is influenced by the baroque-style typical of Austro-Hungarian Jews. Merdinger escaped Europe before the war, carrying only a suitcase containing his silversmith’s tools and his vision for "Hazorfim"- a company to revive the tradition of Jewish jewelry making and the traditional skills of hand-made silver art in the Land of Israel.

The elegant pieces which make-up the Ben-Yehuda Collection, are Joseph’s interpretation of classic imperial designs made famous by Jewish silversmiths from northern Europe.