Height : 15.75 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This 3 branch silver candelabra is a beautiful classic item, part of the Ben Yehuda collection, designed and created by Joseph Merdinger, the founder of Hazorfim. It was he who conceptualized an Israeli silver store with a vast array of designs and artists who would produce superior Judaica silver pieces for display and sale worldwide. The Ben Yehuda collection is an opulent graceful collection, rich in design with a lot of detailing and resembles the Jewish styles showcased in pre-war Austria Hungarian homes.

This 3 branch sterling silver candelabra is adorable as it has one main center branch and attached to it are 2 graceful branches that elegantly curve downwards and then back up to hold the cup holders. The entire silver candelabra centerpiece is heavily decorated, engraved and embellished with swirls of silver, shiny spheres and beautiful carvings to create a royal appearance, reminiscent of Victorian candelabras so widely used in the 1800’s. This 3 branch candelabra is 40 cm, which means that although there are only three branches, it is impressive and tall, demanding attention and creating a sensational ambiance. It is a very striking addition to any meal and makes a beautiful centerpiece.

  • Heavy use of silver skills makes this piece majestic and adds elegance to any setting

  • Top quality sterling silver and superior craftsmanship are fully apparent in this piece

Add royalty to any meal by simply adding this stunning 3 branch silver candelabra as a centerpiece and wow your guests with its brilliance.

The Ben-Yehuda Collection is the first designed by the late Joseph Merdinger for Hazorfim and is influenced by the baroque-style typical of Austro-Hungarian Jews. Merdinger escaped Europe before the war, carrying only a suitcase containing his silversmith’s tools and his vision for "Hazorfim"- a company to revive the tradition of Jewish jewelry making and the traditional skills of hand-made silver art in the Land of Israel.

The elegant pieces which make-up the Ben-Yehuda Collection, are Joseph’s interpretation of classic imperial designs made famous by Jewish silversmiths from northern Europe.