Height : 26.38 inch
Width : 16.54 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $5,238

Special Price $4,715


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With this sterling silver menorah holding your Hanukkah flames, the quality of your holiday will be enhanced tenfold. The lights will sparkle off the silver, making this pretty menorah look even more special. With its magnificent design and superior quality, this gorgeous piece will have your house glowing, spreading the joy of the festival of lights to everyone around.

This unique menorah has four legs of ornately carved silver supporting its circular base which begins to narrow and climb immediately to carry the stem. The round stem thins as it rises tall and proud, holding one cup up higher at the center. The arms of this jewish menorah branch out on either side of the stem in pairs of two, each one carrying an elegant drip pan under a cup made in a vase-like shape.

Each section of this magnificent menorah features intricate engravings and ornaments, many of which resemble leaves and vines, adding a sophisticated touch to this already breathtaking piece. Connected on the side of the stem is a small oil jug used to fill the cups with oil, which has a delicate silver arm and beautiful carvings on its base.


  • Made from pure sterling silver with superior quality and design
  • Polished to perfection enabling the candles to shine off the silver brilliantly
  • Stands on a firm base for complete support
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees the beauty of this piece remains forever


This sterling silver menorah will add the perfect touch to your holiday when you purchase it to hold your Hanukkah flames.