Height : 17.32 inch
Diameter : 7.48 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Every Shabbat table needs something special which will give that table a special pull to have you thinking of it all week long. A glowing touch of silver certainly fits the bill. These pair silver candlesticks have a magnificent design and superior quality, and will look even better when you light the candles in their embrace, and watch their light sparkle off the silver in an incredible way.

Supported by a round base standing on four legs of delicately carved silver, the base of these silver Shabbat candlesticks then rises in a curve until it meets the stem. The stem starts with an oval shape and then changes into a standard round stem, thinning as it climbs and then widening again slightly before the cups. The cup on each of these sterling silver candle holders is made in a vase-like shape, narrowing under the rim, with a circular drip pan beneath it.

These beautiful judaica silver candlesticks are patterned with ornate engravings of leaves and vines, which are featured from the cup to the base, resulting in genuinely breathtaking pieces, worthy of holding your Shabbat flames.


  • Top-quality and design results in candlesticks which are exceptionally classy
  • Sturdy base ensures worry-free use on your table
  • Perfectly polished so your candles will reflect off them beautifully
  • Suitable for any type of candle
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees the beauty of these pieces will last forever


These pair silver candlesticks will add an extraordinary touch to your table, and earn you compliments on your sophisticated taste, from family and friends alike.

The Tuscana Collection is a unique range which draws its inspiration from the views of Tuscany, Italy. It’s no secret that Hazorfim’s designers and silver artists share a special, personal and professional connection with Italian art. The province of Tuscany has a privileged role in this relationship as the site where the Renaissance and Rococo movement flowered.

The designs in the Tuscana Collection are inspired by the romanticism which characterized the Renaissance. Each piece in the collection is adorned by Hazorfim’s master silversmiths with ornate engravings of vines, flowers, grapes and leaves- all hand-crafted from pure silver. The Tuscana Collection seeks to preserve the traditions of exquisite design in pure silver, granting the collection the majesty of eternity.