Height : 4.33 inch
Diameter : 4.13 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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When you raise this spectacular silver netilat yadayim cup each and every time you wash your hands for bread, you will repeatedly be awed at its superior beauty and exquisite design, allowing you to appreciate the wise decision you made in purchasing it each time anew.

This magnificent Jewish washing cup is supported by a circular platform that rises immediately to reach the cup. The cup curves out and back inward in an arch before straightening out abruptly and rising to the top, finishing with a broader lip. The handles of this cup twirl out elegantly from the rim, connecting at the bottom of the cup and lending it a look of beauty which outshines that of other pieces.

The cup is etched with beautiful engravings of leaves and vines, with little pearl-like designs dividing the sections on the straight part of the cup, resulting in a judaica silver piece which is sure to impress all who see it.

  • Crafted entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, with a brilliant sparkle
  • Adds a touch of class to your silver collection
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your added convenience

When looking to buy netilat yadayim cups with a sparkle and glow which will catch the eye of all your friends and family, this piece certainly fits the bill. The sophistication and elegance with which this silver netilat yadayim cup was created will enhance your home, earning you countless compliments on your impressive taste in silver art.