Height : 25.79 inch
Width : 15.94 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $4,076

Special Price $3,668


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Bellino Base Upper Ibiza Silver Menorah is for those who adore elevating the mitzvah of Hanukkah lighting in an ornate traditional manner. The round base is supported by four carved feet and is divided into several alternating wide and narrow panels, each embellished with fleur-de-lis type plumes and textured background detail. The base gradually tapers as it rises, continuing the plumed detailed motif in carvings all along the way.

In front of the menorah’s lowest branch hangs a tiny oil pitcher, also featuring the plume motif. The center stem continues with several carved beads at the point where each branch meets the stem. The menorah’s branches are slender but ornate utilizing the plume motif along each one’s extended length, all the way to the underside of each candle cup.

Under each candle cup is an open carved flower with the cups themselves resembling small carved and embossed urns that are narrow at the base, then broadening to a bowl-like shape, pinching in, and flaring at the top.

  • The Bellino Base Upper Ibiza Silver Menorah is a flourish of traditional, ornate design, particularly plumes.
  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship and timeless design.
  • Created exclusively from the finest 925 sterling silver.
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this product’s beauty forever.
  • Free worldwide shipping is provided for your added convenience.

If you’re seeking a sterling silver menorah, this Bellino Base Upper Ibiza Silver Menorah could be the one. Consider giving it as a treasured gift.