Length : 13.58 inch
Material : Silver Plated

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Special Price $50


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and give you two breads” (Samuel 1 10:4)

Created by Hazorfim, the Bellagio Challah Knife is inspired by the ancient Italian village of Bellagio, which nests on the shores of Lake Como. This high-quality sterling silver knife is the perfect gift for those building a home and striving for family unity. The unique and smooth appearance of the knife was hand-crafted by our skilled silversmiths using gentle hammer blows and meticulous handiwork. The artistic style of the decorations is reminiscent of the Lombard aristocracy’s houses which surround Lake Como and reflect in its clear waters. Grant your loved ones the Bellagio knife; a gift that remains forever and symbolizes unity when the challah is sliced and distributed to each member of the family.

Pieces from the Bellagio Collection are handcrafted from pure silver using traditional hand-craft techniques. The collection gets its name from the ancient Italian village of Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como. The collection draws its inspiration from the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake; the mountains reflected in the water and the estates built by Lombard aristocrats which surround it. Each pure silver piece in the Bellagio Collection is enlivened with delicate hand-crafted decorations.