Height : 25.59 inch
Width : 16.73 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $3,680

Special Price $3,312


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This sterling silver menorah is a masterful work of art and will add a whole new level of elegance to your holiday. Standing at the impressive height of 65 cm, with the light of the flames sparkling off the silver, this decorative menorah will light up your home and your heart with the beauty of Hanukkah.

Standing on four legs of intricately carved silver, this 9 candle menorah has a circular base which curves in and rises immediately to support the round stem. The stem narrows as it climbs and features a design between each set of arms, holding the last arm higher at the center of the others. The rest of the arms branch out in wide arcs in sets of two, one on either side of the stem, each carrying a vase-shaped cup with an ornate drip pan beneath it.

Each section of this unique menorah boasts beautiful engravings and embellishments, giving this piece a look of true elegance. Added to the side of the stem is a small oil jug used as a convenient and pretty way to pour oil into each cup.


  • Custom crafted from pure sterling silver
  • Perfectly polished with an exceptional shine
  • Sturdy base supports this piece on your table or shelf
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty remains forever


For a Hanukkah with an extra special dimension to it, use this sterling silver menorah when you light the flames, and bring that additional glow to the special holiday known as the festival of lights.