Height : 20.87 inch
Width : 11.42 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The Begale collection is known for long, classic lines and perfect circles, and this tall, symmetrical 8 arm candelabra is no exception. Inspired by geometric balance and a quest for perfect proportions, Hazorfim’s talented silversmiths have put together a remarkable Judaica silver piece that can be handed down from generation to generation.

This 8 arm silver candelabra stands on your dining table with a perfectly circle base, bedecked with long lines that draw the eye upward, toward a sturdy stem. The branches swoop outward in a U-shape, and each is topped with a perfect silver sphere and an elongated cylinder that forms the cup holders. Each component is highly polished and smooth or decorated with long lines. 

The majestic presentation creates an impression of aristocratic grandeur right in your home. This 8 candle candelabra makes a strong statement.

  • Simultaneously plain and striking, this sterling silver candelabra is a true work of art.
  • At over 20 inches tall, even this “medium” candelabra is a real presence on your Shabbat table.
  • A sterling silver candelabra is not only a piece to admire - it is an investment for generations to come.
  • This bespoke piece will be custom produced, just for your family.

Make a statement with this 8 arm candelabra that your guests won’t forget, and bask in the glow of elegance and grandeur.